Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024

Welcome to the Current Affairs Quiz for the 19th March 2024. This quiz will test your knowledge of the latest events and developments worldwide. Are you ready to challenge yourself and stay updated with current affairs? Today’s quiz topics: V-Dem Institute, Millet production in India, Ethanol 100 fuel, Nausena Bhawan, Atapaka Bird Sanctuary, Noctis Volcano. For Indian Government Jobs, visit Indgovtjobs.

Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024: Today, we provide the 19th March Current Affairs Quiz. These topics are most important for candidates who prepare fοr Government and Bank Exams in 2024. In this article, we are covering the following impοrtant topics Headlines:

Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024

Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024

The Current Affairs 2024 section constitutes a significant part οf the General Awareness GK section in a competitive examination and plays an instrumental role. Tο alternate your preparation for the GK General Awareness Section of the upcοming exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS PO/Clerk Mains and SEBI Grade A Prelims, we are providing yοu Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024 covering the below important topics Headlines: V-Dem Institute, Millet production in India, Ethanol 100 fuel, Nausena Bhawan, Atapaka Bird Sanctuary, Noctis Volcano.

Here are Current Affairs Quiz 19th March 2024

Q1. Tell me the theme for vaccination day?

A] Vaccine Prevents the Unwanted

B] Protected Together: Vaccines Work

C] Vaccines Work for All

D] Close the immunization gap

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Q2. Which state has the most illegal trade in sharks body parts?

A] Odisha

B] Tamil Nadu

C] Andhra Pradesh

D] Maharashtra

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Q3. Recently, the Indian navy has set up its first independent headquarters named ‘nausena bhawan’ at which place?”

A] Delhi

B] Mumbai

C] Chennai

D] Jaipur

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Q4. Noctis volcano, a recently discovered massive volcano, was found on which planet?”

A] Mars

B] Jupiter

C] Neptune

D] Saturn

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Q5. The atapaka bird sanctuary recently seen in the news is located in which state?

A] Kerala

B] Andhra Pradesh

C] Maharashtra

D] Karnataka

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Q6. How much does Rajasthan contribute to the total millet produced in India?

(a) 15%

(b) 26%

(c) 35%

(d) 41%

(e) 50%

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Q7. What is the target percentage of ethanol blending in petrol by 2025-26 according to the initiative?

(a) 10%

(b) 15%

(c) 20%

(d) 25%

(e) 30%

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Q8. What is the octane rating range of ethanol 100 fuel?

(a) 80-85

(b) 90-95

(c) 100-105

(d) 110-115

(e) 120-125

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Q9. Which organization has distributed 3D-printed replica shark fins?


(b) Greenpeace

(c) IUCN


(e) WWF-India

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Q10. Who won pv narasimha rao memorial award?

(a) Mukesh Ambani

(b) Ratan Tata

(c) Azim Premji

(d) Lakshmi Mittal

(e) Shiv Nadar

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Q11. Which country is world’s largest producer of cobalt and rare earth minerals?

(a) United States

(b) India

(c) Australia

(d) Russia

(e) China

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Q12. With which country is the discovery of a vast cemetery of human skeletons in nuremberg associated?

(a) Germany

(b) France

(c) Italy

(d) Spain

(e) England

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Q13. How many Indian jails are certified by fssai?

(a) Nearly 50 jails

(b) Over 150 jails

(c) Nearly 200 jails

(d) Nearly 75 jails

(e) Nearly 100 jails

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Q14. What is India’s gender inequality index (gii) value for the year 2022?

(a) 0.410

(b) 0.423

(c) 0.437

(d) 0.451

(e) 0.464

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Q15. Which species of sharks have been granted best protection status under 1972 Indian wild life protection act?

(a) 50

(b) 100

(c) 26

(d) 10

(e) 200

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Q16. Tell me the capacity of the adani green energy wind power project in gujarat?

(a) 250 MW

(b) 300 MW

(c) 350 MW

(d) 400 MW

(e) 450 MW

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Q17. Who has the most jails certified under the eat right campus initiative?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Punjab

(c) Bihar

(d) Madhya Pradesh

(e) Delhi

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Q18. Who started the v-dem institute?

(a) Angela Merkel

(b) Emmanuel Macron

(c) Staffan Lindberg

(d) Justin Trudeau

(e) Donald Trump

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Q19. What is the ranking of India on the human development index of the united nations?

(a) 132

(b) 134

(c) 136

(d) 138

(e) 140

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Q20. Where is the v-dem institutes headquarters?

(a) Washington D.C.

(b) London

(c) Stockholm

(d) Gothenburg

(e) Paris

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