Daily Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024

Welcome to the Current Affairs Quiz for the 25th April 2024. This quiz will test your knowledge of the latest events and developments worldwide. Are you ready to challenge yourself and stay updated with current affairs? Today’s quiz topics: National Panchayati Raj Day, Net direct tax collections, Payment aggregator license, World Immunization Week, HDFC Bank, , Crystal Maze 2, Asylum and Immigration. For Indian Government Jobs, visit Indgovtjobs.

Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024: Today, we provide the 25th April Current Affairs Quiz. These topics are most important for candidates who prepare fοr Government and Bank Exams in 2024. In this article, we are covering the following impοrtant topics Headlines:

Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024

Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024

The Current Affairs 2024 section constitutes a significant part οf the General Awareness GK section in a competitive examination and plays an instrumental role. Tο alternate your preparation for the GK General Awareness Section of the upcοming exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS PO/Clerk Mains and SEBI Grade A Prelims, we are providing yοu Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024 covering the below important topics Headlines: National Panchayati Raj Day, Net direct tax collections, Payment aggregator license, World Immunization Week, HDFC Bank, , Crystal Maze 2, Asylum and Immigration.

Here are Current Affairs Quiz 25th April 2024

Q1. Tell me the theme of the world immunization week 2024?

A] Long Life for All

B] Humanly Possible: Immunization for All

C] Vaccines bring us closer

D] Vaccines Work for All

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Q2. What country has passed the bill to allow asylum of the rwandans as international refugees?

A] United Kingdom

B] Canada

C] France

D] Russia

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Q3. Show the companies that have developed the lightest bulletproof jacket in India?





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Q4. What day of the year is celebrated as panchayati raj day?

A] 22 April

B] 23 April

C] 24 April

D] 25 April

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Q5. What is ‘crystal maze 2’, recently mentioned in the news?”

A] Ballistic Missile

B] Asteroid

C] Earth Communication Satellite

D] Invasive Plant

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Q6. Show the effects of the tirtha river drying up in south kodagu?

(a) Decreased soil erosion

(b) Enhanced crop yields

(c) Improved water quality

(d) Struggles in irrigating crops

(e) Expansion of agricultural land

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Q7. What district in telangana is home to the iron age megalithic site of ooragutta?

(a) Mulugu district

(b) Bhadradri Kothagudem district

(c) Karimnagar district

(d) Nalgonda district

(e) Warangal district

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Q8. How has premium payment changed for insurance users?

(a) Premium rates have been reduced for all policyholders

(b) Premium payment is now mandatory at the time of policy purchase

(c) Premiums can be paid in installments

(d) Premium payment is now required quarterly

(e) Premium payment must be made in a lump sum annually

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Q9. What position will hdfc bank hold in terms of market capitalization after the merger?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

(e) Fifth

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Q10. Who is the leader of north korea?

(a) Kim Jong Il

(b) Kim Il-Sung

(c) Kim Jong Un

(d) Kim Jong Nam

(e) Kim Jong Chul

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Q11. How much have direct tax collections increased?

(a) 7.40%

(b) 17.70%

(c) 18.48%

(d) 13.06%

(e) 25.23%

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Q12. Tell me the ultimate destination of the cauvery river drainage system?

(a) Arabian Sea

(b) Bay of Bengal

(c) Indian Ocean

(d) Laccadive Sea

(e) Andaman Sea

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Q13. What does it take for rbi to grant the payment aggregator license?

(a) State Bank of India (SBI)

(b) HDFC Bank

(c) ICICI Bank

(d) Axis Bank

(e) Punjab National Bank

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Q14. List the top 50 banks in asia-pacific in 2023?

(a) 3 months

(b) 6 months

(c) 9 months

(d) 12 months

(e) 18 months

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Q15. What country is north korea’s largest economic partner?

(a) China

(b) Russia

(c) United States

(d) South Korea

(e) Japan

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