Daily Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023

Welcome to the Current Affairs Quiz for the 26th November 2023. This quiz will test your knowledge of the latest events and developments worldwide. Are you ready to challenge yourself and stay updated with current affairs? Today’s quiz topics: Indian rupee closing at a new low of 83.38, Svatantra Microfin’s acquisition of Chaitanya India Fin Credit, RBI, NPS, Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank, Kochi’s water modernization project, Bandhan Bank. For Indian Government Jobs, visit Indgovtjobs.

Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023: Today, we provide the 26th November Current Affairs Quiz. These topics are most important for candidates who prepare fοr Government and Bank Exams in 2023. In this article, we are covering the following impοrtant topics Headlines:

Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023

Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023

The Current Affairs 2023 section constitutes a significant part οf the General Awareness GK section in a competitive examination and plays an instrumental role. Tο alternate your preparation for the GK General Awareness Section of the upcοming exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS PO/Clerk Mains and SEBI Grade A Prelims, we are providing yοu Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023 covering the below important topics Headlines: Indian rupee closing at a new low of 83.38, Svatantra Microfin’s acquisition of Chaitanya India Fin Credit, RBI, NPS, Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank, Kochi’s water modernization project, Bandhan Bank.

Here are Current Affairs Quiz 26th November 2023

Q1. Why did the Indian rupees fall so much against us dollar?

(a) Decreased demand from oil companies

(b) Increased demand from oil companies

(c) Central bank interventions from foreign countries

(d) Surge in exports

(e) Impact of cryptocurrency fluctuations

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Q2. Tell me the purpose of penny drop verification.

(a) To expedite withdrawal requests

(b) To determine the total pension corpus

(c) To ensure subscribers receive their funds securely

(d) To reduce the NPS interest rates

(e) To check subscriber eligibility for NPS

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Q3. How much did the rupee depreciate in 2023 despite difficulties?

(a) 5%

(b) 0.8%

(c) 15%

(d) 2%

(e) 10%

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Q4. List the effects of the RBI Reserve bank of India on the Indian economy?

(a) Selling rupees to increase volatility

(b) Intervening to stabilize the rupee

(c) Encouraging speculative trading

(d) Ignoring forex market dynamics

(e) Decreasing foreign exchange reserves

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Q5. why did the Reserve Bank of India (rbi) supersede the board of Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank for 12 months?

(a) Profitability concerns

(b) Poor governance standards

(c) Liquidity issues

(d) Technological failures

(e) External market pressures

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Q6. Who was appointed as the bank’s administrator during the regulatory intervention?

(a) Rakesh Kapoor

(b) Satya Prakash Pathak

(c) Anjali Sharma

(d) Rajesh Khanna

(e) Neha Gupta

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Q7. Tell me the latest decision from the board of directors of Bandhan bank?

(a) Approved a merger with another bank

(b) Reappointed Chandra Shekhar Ghosh as MD&CEO for three years

(c) Elected a new Chairman

(d) Initiated a CEO search process

(e) Announced Chandra Shekhar Ghosh’s retirement

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Q8. What is India’s fiscal deficit compared to the full-year target in 2023-2024?

(a) 35.3%

(b) 39.3%

(c) 42.3%

(d) 37.3%

(e) 45.3%

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Q9. How is the target fiscal deficit based on GDP for fiscal year 2023-24?

(a) 4.2%

(b) 6.0%

(c) 7.5%

(d) 5.9%

(e) 6.4%

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Q10. Which were the key financial highlights of bandhan bank during the reporting quarter?

(a) Decrease in gross NPAs

(b) No change in NPAs

(c) 14.8% YoY increase in gross NPAs

(d) Significant decrease in net NPAs

(e) No information on NPAs provided

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Q11. What is the main purpose of the $170 million loan from the Asian development bank for kochi’s water modernization project?

(a) Improve transportation infrastructure

(b) Enhance urban living standards, ensure clean water access, and bolster climate resilience

(c) Support agricultural development

(d) Fund healthcare initiatives

(e) Expand educational facilities

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Q12. How much of the tax revenue target was reached during the period April-September 2022?

(a) 52.3%

(b) 45.8%

(c) 60.7%

(d) 49.8%

(e) 55.1%

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Q13. How will the iip be made up by the eight major infrastructure sectors mentioned in this article?

(a) 30.14%

(b) 40.27%

(c) 50.52%

(d) 60.64%

(e) 70.79%

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Q14. How many msmes are having access to credit in India?

(a) 14%

(b) 4%

(c) 25%

(d) 40%

(e) 60%

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Q15. Tell me the effect of chaitanya being acquired by svatantra microfins?

(a) Svatantra becomes the third-largest microfinance company.

(b) The acquisition has no significant impact on market standings.

(c) Chaitanya India Fin Credit emerges as the market leader.

(d) Navi Group retains its position as the largest microfinance company.

(e) Svatantra Microfin becomes the second-largest microfinance company in India.

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