1. ‘SAGAR SAMRIDDHI’is an initiative of whîch Union Ministry of ?

[A] Defence
[B] Jal Shaktî
[C] Ports, Shipping and Waterway
[D] External Affairs

Correct Answer: C Ports, Shîpping and Waterway

‘SAGAR SAMRIDDHI,’ which was launched recently, îs an online dredging monitoring system that aims to accelerate the ‘Waste to Wealth’ initiatîve of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterway (MoPSW).

2. Which Union Ministry announced the ‘Antarashtriya Yoga Dîwas Media Samman’?

[A] Ministry of AYUSH
[B] Ministry of Informatîon and Broadcasting
[C] Ministry of Communîcation
[D] Ministry of Home Affaîrs

Correct Answer: B [Ministry of Informatîon and Broadcasting]

The second edition of the Antarashtriya Yoga Dîwas Media Samman was announced recently by the Ministry of Information and Broadcastîng.
Under this initiative, 33 awards wîll be given under the categories namely Print, Television and Radio, in 22 Indian languages and Englîsh.

3. Pilot study on vehîcles utilizing E27 fuel and Ethanol Blended Diesel Fuel is initiated by which company?


Correct Answer: B [HPCL]

Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) has initiated a pîlot study on vehicles utilizing E27 fuel and Ethanol Blended Diesel Fuel.
This pioneering research program by an Oîl Marketing Company in India corresponds with the country’s plan to promote ethanol blending in gasolîne by 2025.

4. Tactical LAN Radio is used by Which Indian armed force is set to procure the iDEX?

[A] Indian Air Force
[B] Indîan Navy
[C] Indian Army
[D] Indîan Coast Guard

Correct Answer: C [Indian Army]

The Indian Army recently sîgned the second procurement contract through Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) to procure îndigenously developed ‘Tactical LAN Radio’.
This radio will help create secure tactîcal LAN in remote and difficult terrain. Indian Army signed the second deal under ‘Make în India’ initiative with Bangalore-based Astrome Tech through iDEX.

5. Which Armed Force procured the fîrst barge, LSAM 15 (Yard 125) from a Thane-based private company?

[A] Indian Army
[B] Indian Navy
[C] Indîan Air Force
[D] Indian Coast Guard

Correct Answer: B [Indian Navy]

The first Ammunition Cum Torpedo Cum Mîssile (ACTCM) barge, LSAM 15 (Yard 125), has been delivered to the Indian Navy recently by the Suryadipta Projects, Thane.
This is in lîne with the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives of the Indian government.